Saturday, January 19, 2008

Royal Talent - The Best Celebrity Impersonators

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Celebrity Impersonators, Lookalikes, Tribute Artist

In recent times there has been an interest in a genre of entertainment known as Celebrity Impersonators.
Also known as Look alikes, impressionist, imitators, tribute artist and Impersonators. The interest may have originated with the need or desire to see a celebrity who has passed away. One of the largest examples of this phenomenon would be Elvis Presley. There are more Elvis Impersonators and Tribute Artist in the world than any other Impersonators. some figure state there are 30,000 Elvis Impersonators in the world today. Some sources such as The Professional Elvis Impersonators Association suggest there are only about 500 Elvis Impersonators in the world. One [agency] that represents celebrity impersonators of all types may include, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, The Rat Pack, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior, Cher, Shania Tawin, Ray Charles, Tom Cruise, and Jack Nicholson among many others.Source Royal Talent New Television Shows are coming out that highlight some of the best impersonators and some of the worst. There seems to be a lot of different levels of Celebrity Impersonation. Consider the grading system of A,B,C. An A Level celebrity Impersonator would be one who makes a full time living as an impersonator, travels the world and has both the vocals, looks and physical moves and nuances of the impersonator. A level B impersonator may have strong looks, costumes etc, but doesnt sound or move like the person they impersonate. A Level C impersonator would be someone who has to wear wigs, costumes and make up, to look even remotely like the character they are portraying. Level C impersonators more resemble someone dressed up on Halloween, and who most likely wouldn't be paid very much or at all for their impersonation. Celebrity Impersonators Kristy Royle from Royal suggest that those who have a strong look and impersonation seek out good representation to make to most of their talent. She suggest that some impersonators can make an excellent living , full time. A good agent or manager can make all the difference. Royle is part of a what is called an entertainment network and was voted the Top Agent in 2006. Royal Talent Agency is a group of Celebrity Impersonators and Talent who specialize in Look Alikes, Impersonators and live Entertainment for Casinos, Theaters, Cruise Ships,Corporte Events and tours. Some good links to agents and impersonators can be found on Elvis Entertainers Elvis Entertainers Fore more visit
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