Sunday, October 12, 2008

The World’s Best Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity Impersonators are people who look like celebrities; they dress and behave like celebrities for entertainment purposes. Other terms that are applied to refer to impersonators include lookalikes, tribute artists, impressionist etc. Today we can see thousands of impersonators in the US. Celebrity Impersonators keep the memories of the celebrities alive by dressing, behaving, singing and talking like them on stage. They bring celebrities who are no longer with us come alive and one of the most widely imitated celebrities is Elvis. Certain sources announce that there are over 25,000 Elvis impersonators in the US. Though this looks like an exaggerated figure, we should not be surprised if the number of Elvis impersonators match the suggested figure or even exceed this number taking into consideration the popularity enjoyed by this celebrity.
Celebrity impersonators rule the world of on-stage entertainment and they are equally popular in television shows as well. No matter how many times we watch these celebrity impersonators, it always amazes and it never ceases to entertain us. It is the ability of the impersonator to imitate the celebrity that grabs our attention. They manage to capture every little mannerism of the celebrities that they try to imitate. Above all, they also mimic the voice of the celebrity and you can easily mistake them for the celebrities themselves.
There are thousands of celebrity impersonators in the US, each one of them possessing a special talent. These impersonators are known for their creativity. However, like in any other industry we cannot expect all the celebrity impersonators to have the same talents. Some of them are indeed better than the others. When we search for Las Vegas impersonators for a corporate stage show or for a tradeshow, we would want to hire the world’s best celebrity impersonators and not some mediocre group. It is just not about the physical similarity; impersonation is about ultimately becoming that personality that they imitate. It requires a lot of training and observation. The impersonator perfects himself gradually and becomes better day by day. So we can easily differentiate between someone who has great experience in performing on stage shows and someone with limited experience.
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