Monday, February 8, 2010

Rat Pack Tribute Vegas

The Rat Pack Tribute Show

‘They were style with substance, swing with swagger, a non-stop party that everyone wanted access to.’ These words, written in Player magazine, best describe the charismatic quintuplet better known as The Rat Pack. Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, Peter Law ford and the kingpin- Frank Sinatra, were the five who made up the Rat Pack. It was the most awe-inspiring show ever, to hit the entertainment circuit. The ruler of the Las Vegas entertainment scene, this show was instrumental in its rise as an entertainment hub.

The Rat Pack tribute show is a celebration of the achievements of these master entertainers. It is a must-watch for every die hard fan of the original Rat Pack. Fans are swamped with nostalgia as the motley group comes alive on stage. No sooner does the act take off, you are transported back to an era when men were real men and political correctness was a nonsensical term.

The show is not an easy act to pull off. Its success hinges on the ability of the cast in recreating the look, sound, mannerisms and easy camaraderie of the original Rat Pack. The artists don’t have any fancy costumes to fall back on, since all that they dress up in are bespoke suits. The only thing that takes the momentum forward is the light-hearted banter and the intelligent ad-libbing. The beautifully orchestrated renditions of the most famous songs of Sinatra, Martin and Sammy, touch a chord with the audience and leave many of them teary-eyed.

The songs are interspersed with a lot of horsing around and playful bantering. There is a lot of racist humor too as was the norm in the days of yore. The audience is kept engaged and in splits by the crafty gags and shenanigans of the players on stage. It’s funny seeing five grownup men behaving like goofy teenagers. Some Rat Pack tribute shows have Marilyn Monroe making a guest appearance. It is a wonderful show that has class and style in abundance. Great tunes, foot-tapping music and sophisticated humor make it an evening worth remembering.

The Rat Pack show even found pride of place in a recent episode of American Idol. The finalists were to show-case the talent of the original quintuplet and would be judged on their note perfect renditions of songs such as The Lady is a Tramp, Everybody Loves Somebody, Candy Man, etc. Movies based on the Rat Pack have graced Hollywood screens too.

The Rat Pack Tribute Shows are all sold out as soon as they are announced. Since Las Vegas was the place that gave birth to the Rat Pack, the city boasts of the maximum Rat Pack tribute shows. Anyone who cherishes the in- your- face brazenness of the original quintuplet leaves the place satisfied that he has got his money’s worth.

For those who had a chance to experience the magic of the real Rat Pack, the show brings back many happy memories. For those who never had the opportunity, the show gives them an idea of what they missed-an era where music met cool.

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