Thursday, October 23, 2008

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The “American Idol” Superstar & The “Images of the King” World Champion

Performing together in the top music video “Last Name”

By Zena Sultana

As one of the hottest, or possibly the hottest, young country singer today – almost everything that CARRIE UNDERWOOD touches turns to gold! The excitement and overwhelming demand for her albums is a continuing phenomenon! Her very latest album, which includes the music video “Last Name” is topping the charts.

Ever since this sweet and charming young lady from Checotah, Oklahoma, became the winner in the 4th season of American Idol, her name has been ablaze in lights. After her spectacular win, she became, and still is, the most successful recording artist of all the Idol winners.

JOHNNY THOMPSON may not be a country Western singer, but he too, is a big name in the entertainment and music industry. A popular Elvis Tribute Artist who resides in Vegas, he was crowned last year as the “Images of the King” World Champion. He could be seen on a lot of documentaries, TV shows on CMT and MTV and a Sci Fi series, and he hosted the 2005 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet for TRL.

A versatile entertainer, Johnny has performed not only in America, but in several continents as well, including South America, Asia and Europe. Johnny is the one who performed “the wedding” ceremony in Carrie’s music video “Last Name.” He was chosen to be “Elvis” from a field of Las Vegas ETAs who auditioned for the part.

“Last Name” is a song about a young lady who succumbed to the allure and craziness of Vegas, somehow drank to much “Cuervo”, and woke up with a wedding ring on her finger. How and why? Watch the music video on Johnny’s website: if you haven’t done so yet.

I did and guess what? The young bride didn’t even know the last name of her groom! Wow! Only in Vegas! The city of dreams (and delusions?)

“Last Name” is one of the songs in Carrie’s new album entitled “Carnival Ride.” Carrie herself wrote the lyrics of seven of the thirteen songs in the album. Aside from “Last Name”, the songs are: “So Small”, “All-American Girl”, “Crazy Dreams”, “Flat on the Floor”, “Get Out of this Town”, “I Know You Won’t”, “Just a Dream”, “The More Boys I Met”, “Twisted”, “Wheel of the World”, “You Won’t Find These” and “I Told You So”.

Did you know that Carrie’s post-Idol debut album “Some Hearts” went platinum eight times over and is the fastest-selling country debut album in history? Most probably, this new album will too!

Would you like to take a front row seat on the filming of “Last Name?” Let me quote a portion of Johnny’s email to me about it:

“When Carrie and her crew showed up at the Chapel of the Flowers in Vegas, the sun had just gone down, and the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees. Originally we were supposed to shoot the video outside in front of the wedding chapel. But as the temperature dropped, Carrie started shivering, so I put my arms around her and the girl who played “Priscilla.” We ended up hanging out for about an hour while the crew was setting up everything inside the chapel. It made more sense anyway, since the wind outside had picked up and was blowing like crazy.”

“We joked around a lot and had a great time on the set. When the director finally yelled action, I was making up all kinds of goofy wedding vows and making her and the cast and crew laugh. It was so much fun. If you notice her putting the ring on the guys finger in the video, that was one of my rings. They shot the entire music video in one day. I also know some of the other talent that appear in the video. A little secret about the video, the book I am holding in the video wasn’t a Bible, it was a psychology book they had as a prop. The more I talked to Carrie, the more I found out we had in common. I had actually
gone to martial arts training camps at the university she attended in Tahlequah, OK. She couldn’t believe I had actually been to this little town, and stayed in the same dorms she had as a student.
I can't say enough how sweet and pleasant she was. I have interviewed many stars and worked with many celebs over the years and she was still so down to earth. I was thrilled to get to know her.”

Johnny also said that Carrie even autographed some photos of her for the mother of Johnny’s New York manager. He said he knows that one day he will see her again.